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Well, I went to church again. I'll be going back. I finally found a church where I could be with other Christians without the BS of appearances, hypocrisy and judgement. I think the fact that the pastor is a bearded biker says a lot - finally I found a place I can feel at home :) I've put a link to their website so you all can see what I mean about no judgement. Their motto is "Just Jesus, no religion". I really like that. I've been starved for fellowship and didn't even realize it until I moved here... I think I was led here for a reason :)

I also finally have a picture of Bondi MacFarlane thanks to Jamie Kahlberg... who hasn't sent me one of himself yet :)

Other news... for those of you who don't know that my cat Rajah is missing, he's been gone for about a month. I miss him terribly, and at this point realistically I probably won't see him again. That cat is my best friend and so it is a terrible loss to me. I had sent him to live with my brother back home in Washington and the first day he went outside, he took off. We think he was trying to go back home to my parents' old house, and so we have our neighbors watching out for him. But, like I said, realistically, he probably won't make the 15 miles unscathed.

Hmm lets see... I'm going home to Washington in August and then going to be visiting Germany in early September. It'll be nice to go back home, and then go back to the OLD home. I think that's about all that's new :)



One more week until all my soapmaking equipment arrives... woohoo! I even made a supply order today, I am so stoked. A few weeks ago, I officially registered my domain for Fall River Soap. There's only a filler page up there right now, and in order to view it correctly you have to have your screen resolution set to 1024x768. Go ahead and check it out... I'm hoping to have some stuff up soon, but right now I'm just trying to make a mockup in my spare time of what I want to have. When it's finished and the shopping cart is all done, then maybe I'll upload the site :) In the meantime, I've been working full-time, have most of my debts FINALLY paid off, and am just saving money for either school or my business, whichever I decide to invest in next year. I got a job last month working in Human Resources, and I really enjoy it. I see all kinds of people every day, and I think because of the fact I was jobhunting for over a year, I understand these people a little more than some.

Good news... I have some good pictures of my cat! Haven't posted them yet though... I think I'll be making him his own page pretty soon, whenever I have time. That means next month... lol :) Bad news is the landlord wants him OUT. They won't let me keep the cat... I am completely heartbroken. This cat has been my best friend for years... I can't just kick him to the curb! I'm in the process of trying to find him a temporary home until we get our house built, around August... but I'm even seriously considering spending the $150 to send him back home to WA. The trouble is I don't know many people here yet... but hopefully the barn will be able to take him. We'll see. I don't think I could bear to give him up to a shelter... I just don't think that either of us would be happy with that arrangement. God willing, I can find him a place for 6 months. As you can tell, I'm sad :(

Oh yeah... this week, it has been around 75 degrees. Last week, it was 10 and we had snow snow snow every day. Odd...

Well, it's 1am... it was my birthday today... very nice except no snow :( That's okay cuz we're going to the mountains tomorrow for the day... that should be nice. Funny thing happened today... the doorbell rang, and I went to go answer it. There was this nice little old man with a bouquet of flowers and a bag of chocolate. I was thinking... woohoo, I've never gotten flowers (or anything, actually) delivered :) And so he looks at me and says "I have a delivery for... Adele Noetzelman". WTF! Turns out Jeremy forgot her birthday on the 26th, so they sent HER a delivery... only on MY birthday. It was funny and sad at the same time... but my dad brought me flowers and Ma shared her chocolate, so it was all good. In all, I had a really nice birthday. I kinda just came on here to ramble a bit... so you'll have to go to THAT page.

Funny, it was 70 degrees F yesterday... it doesn't even get that warm during the SUMMER in Seattle... and today it's SNOWING! Odd Colorado weather :) I'm holding out hopes for a white birthday... never had one before, but it's in the forecast, so I'm crossing my fingers :) Added the Snick the Chick advice column... it's an advice column that my dog puts out for other dogs, and I decided to put it online so humans could benefit from the doggy issues as well :) I also added the Pet photos section, and the pics of me, although I don't have them all up yet. Our scanner isn't working, and so I have to use the other one, and I hope it works cuz it's been acting weird... I don't have many recent pics of me scanned, the most recent were like 4 years ago. I'll get 'em though :) I'm so excited it's snowing :) :) :)

Well, less than a week until my 23rd birthday (Feb. 7th). My parents are gonna take me into the mountains next weekend and we'll spent the day being tourists for my birthday next weekend. I'm really loving it here... the only problem is that it's almost my birthday and my dad hasn't bought me the horse that I want! He only costs $35,000! Just kidding... I'd never expect THAT! The horse that is across the hallway from our horse is named Winter, he's a Dutch Warmblood, and one of the sweetest horses ever. He gets jealous when we come to ride Star, so I always have to make sure and pay plenty of attention to him, too. for those of you out of the loop, Star is our horse. See the pets pics section. I've added the page with pictures of my friends. If you wanna be on here, just email me! No problem.

Sad news: This morning, we lost our space shuttle over Texas. Don't know how it happened, but it exploded on it's way to the Kennedy Space Center for a landing. 7 astronauts were aboard, one being a Colorado University graduate... people here are really sad. The good news is that there's no indication (at least so far) of it being a terrorist act. I think a lot of Americans will be very angry with the CIA if that were the case. Anyways, it's late... time for bed. Cya later!


So I am yet again redoing my website, although now since I have no job, I'll have more time and maybe even might get it finished, if I'm lucky! Many of these links don't work, because I never actually created the pages. So much has happened in the last 6 months, I've been all over the country, but now I'm in Fort Collins, Co and I feel myself taking root. Ar, at least, until I decide to move somewhere else! I love being in Colorado and I love being with my family. Life could only be more perfect if I had an acceptance letter from CSU sitting in my lap.

Since I can't work on the website on THIS computer, I'm gonna have to bring the html files over from my computer to this one for uploading (we only have one computer that is within reach of our only phone jack), it might be a while until I actually upload more stuff. I think I'm gonna focus mostly on having pictures, since that's what most people go to websites for, anyways. So be patient (Cuz I know you really CARE), and when I get stuff up, it'll be there! I'm also eventually going to have a link to my storefront for my soap business and also some info on homemade soap.



Bethany J Noetzelman


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